How to use 2FA when sharing work accounts

Protecting your business from cyber threats is crucial. Serious risks arise when passwords or other sensitive data are accessed without authorization. Even though no system can provide 100% protection, multi-factor authentication can significantly increase security.

Daito is a dedicated 2FA authenticator app that generates one-time passwords for a second layer of identity verification. Daito offers an additional layer of security to guard against unauthorised access to your important accounts, going beyond simple passwords.

To find out how adding Daito's multi-factor authentication can strengthen the security posture of your company, continue reading. We will also go over how Daito makes two-factor authentication for shared login credentials within your company easier. Daito simplifies collaboration while upholding strict access controls for both internal teams and independent contractors.

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What is 2-factor Authentication (2FA)?

Weak and reused passwords have led to the majority of data breaches. Two-factor authentication (2FA) using Daito helps solve this growing problem.

2FA significantly strengthens login security through a "digital double lock" system. With Daito, the first factor remains your chosen password. However, Daito then generates a second dynamic TOTP ( time-based one-time password) for an additional layer of identity verification beyond just credentials.

If you use the authenticator app from your bank, you may already be familiar with 2FA. Daito functions similarly and seamlessly, using your password and random codes to validate logins. The purpose of 2FA is to prevent unauthorised access, even in the event that passwords are stolen.

While no system is impenetrable, 2FA like Daito's automatically blocks the vast majority of hacking attempts by requiring two separate factors to authenticate. By using a secondary code that changes every time you log in, Daito fortifies the login process and makes it more difficult for potential attackers to access both your device and credentials at the same time.

What is TOTP (Time-based one-time password)?

Daito takes two-factor authentication even further by enabling time-based one-time passwords (TOTP). TOTP transforms security by introducing an additional layer of time-sensitivity.

Like temporary codes for password resets, Daito creates one-of-a-kind temporary passwords that are only meant to be used for a limited period of time. This introduces fluidity that strengthens authentication compared to static secondary authentication methods.

When setting up TOTP, Daito and the linked application generate and exclusively hold a secret key. They then synchronise to independently produce matching single-use passwords using this key and the current time.

Providing both the password and TOTP code within the correct timeframe becomes imperative for login access. A Microsoft study shows this TOTP method reduces unauthorised access risk by up to 99.9% compared to conventional 2FA solutions alone.

To get past the window-restricted codes, hackers would need to have simultaneous live access to your phone and login credentials. This ensures that authorised users have a seamless login experience while raising the bar considerably for potential threats.

Adopting Daito's robust and actively evolving TOTP protocol takes your security posture to the next level. You secure yourselves against modern online attacks through this dynamic and time-sensitive secondary authentication method.

Why Use 2FA with TOTP for Shared Accounts?

It is typical to share account access for business or personal purposes. However, sharing passwords by themselves greatly increases the risk to security. Credentials could be compromised or unauthorised access could occur if the wrong people find out.

According to TechRepublic research, almost half of businesses publicly share login credentials. This procedure increases the risk of data exposure in the event of theft or error.

Daito solves this issue through two-factor authentication combined with TOTP. Anyone trying to access the account needs to supply Daito's dynamically changing single-use codes in addition to the shared password.

Multiple authorised users can easily authenticate with their separate Daito apps instead of the complexities associated with sharing static password management. There is no need to distribute static codes that raise risks if intercepted.

Daito streamlines secure access for shared logins through intuitive, independent TOTP generation on each enrolled device. No special tools are needed, to improve adoption rates over split knowledge approaches. Authorization proceeds uninterrupted while collaborators are safeguarded.

Daito centralises robust access security through dynamic individual second factors for any situation requiring account trusts, from project teams to family plans. Data stays safeguarded no matter how permission changes over time.

How to share 2FA codes with your team using Daito?

Securely provisioning multi-user access to 2FA-protected resources can pose challenges. Daito's authenticator streamlines this process for seamless collaboration. Setting up shared 2FA access is straightforward. 

  1. Sign up for a free Daito account at

  2. Add your first 2FA account

  3. Invite your teammates

  4. Share 2FA tokens with your team

Enrolled individuals can obtain dynamic one-time codes generated by Daito. Strong 2FA security can be maintained without distributing static credentials. Control privileged access through role-based permissions tailored to each user's needs.

Auditing in real-time provides complete visibility. Manage every authentication event within the company from a single control plane and revoke access.

Whether your team spans offices internationally or requires frequent rotational access, Daito simplifies complex 2FA integration. Disparate systems or geographies pose no barrier to mission-critical cooperation. Rely on Daito to streamline shared verification effortlessly and securely.

Watch how to set up your Daito account and share your 2FA accounts with your team.

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