One 2FA authenticator for your entire business

Daito's web-based 2FA authenticator lets you securely manage and share 2FA across teams. Access anywhere without phones.

Daito 2FA Authenticator
Business 2FA

Manage 2FA access in one dashboard for all your business accounts

Daito is built for businesses like yours. Manage 2FA for all your work accounts from one dashboard and share 2FA access with team members, and partners easily. Monitor users' events with audit logs for up to 90 days.

Daito 2FA all work accounts
Secure access simplified

Easiest way to share 2FA codes

Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with your colleagues. No annoying extra steps. No IT support needed.

  • Effortlessly share accounts with specific users or the whole team by creating groups.

  • Give IT teams and admins full control, limit regular users.

  • Prevent 2FA seed leakage by limiting access only to generated 2FA tokens, not the underlying seed codes.

Easiest way to share 2FA codes
Web-based, no app needed

Access anywhere without phones

Whether on desktop or mobile, Daito allows authorization from any web browser. No separate phones or apps are required.

  • Get a paid add-on: Reliable SMS authentication from a dedicated number, based in Germany (+49). Non-VOIP numbers. Highly reliable SMS reception.

Access anywhere without phones
Security by design

Audit logs to track user events

Daito is built with proven security and encryption standards. All user actions are audited and access is monitored.

  • Compliance is baked in, right from the start. Data hosted in the EU (in Germany) and in ISO 27001-certified data centres.

Audit logs to track user events

Slack and teams integrations

Connect your Daito account with your Slack or Microsoft Teams to receive 2FA tokens directly in your workspace (coming soon).

  • Sign up for our waitlist to try Slack + Daito integration before anyone else.

Slack and teams integrations
Backup and Recovery

2FA seed code backups

Ever needed to move a 2FA seed to a new device? Export all your accounts with a few simple steps.

  • With Daito, admins can securely export 2FA seed codes as CSV for backup or migration and track all events of users.

  • Track all events of users with privileged access, such as export events.

2FA seed code backups
Security First

Additional layer of protection

Daito adds an isolated layer of protection, by handling two-factor authentication separately from passwords. Should passwords ever be compromised, accounts stay safe thanks to our specialised 2FA service.

Additional layer of protection

From startups and agencies to Fortune 500 companies,

Daito is trusted by +100 businesses

"Daito has enabled my team to securely and effortlessly share all of our 2FA secrets for less than the cost of a single mailbox. This is of incredible value to us on a daily basis. Additionally, whether you are giving feedback about the service or are requesting any kind of support they are super responsive and listen."

Danny Turner
Head of IT Operations @Bridgemaker GmbH