Manage 2FA
for Shared Accounts

Daito is the web-based 2FA authenticator for startups, SMBs and security-driven teams. Securely share access, no phone needed.

Daito 2FA Authenticator Screenshot

A web-based 2FA authenticator
will save you time & money
(and nerves)

Daito is a specialized 2FA authentication service.

Daito does only one thing: manage TOTP 2FA tokens for you and thus offering a fully isolated system, separate from your password manager.

Full separation of concerns
Keep your 2FA token management separate from your password management and prevent worst case scenarios.
No more single points of failure in your authentication strategy
What do you do when you store usernames, passwords, 2FA seeds and 2FA tokens in your password manager and this password manager gets breached?

Web-based, no app needed

No more expensive company phones solely for 2FA.

Access from other devices & platforms
The authenticator is web-first and web-only. Access and manage your company's 2FA tokens from any browser and OS.
No second company-sponsored device needed
Save money and the accompanying hassle of managing company phones. No more worrying about lost, malfunctioning or missing devices.
Available as a paid add-on:
Get a phone number to receive 2FA via SMS
Get a SIM-card based, German (+49) phone number to reliably receive 2FA via SMS. Our Non-VOIP numbers provide highly reliable SMS reception.

2FA your team will love

With Daito you can easily and securely share 2FA tokens with your colleagues.

Role-based access control
Give IT teams and admins full control, limit regular users.
Protect your 2FA seed codes
Prevent 2FA seed leakage by limiting access only to generated 2FA tokens, not the underlying seed codes.
Allow teams to manage their own 2FA tokens
Save time by enabling team leads to manage the tokens of their accounts. No IT support needed.

Security-first approach

Daito is built with proven security and encryption standards. All user actions are audited and access is monitored.

Fully GDPR compliant & hosted in the EU
Compliance baked in, right from the start. Data hosted in the EU (in Germany) and in ISO 27001 certified data centers.
Privacy by design
We never collect data unless it is necessary to provide you with the service.

Backups for your 2FA seed codes

Ever needed to move a 2FA seed to a new device?

Export 2FA seed codes
Export your 2FA seed codes as CSV for backup or migration purposes (admins only).
Track all export events
Track all events of users with privileged access, such as export events.

Easily share your 2FA with others.
Start using Daito today.

14 days free trial. Test with your entire team.
No credit card needed.