March 15, 2024

Bulk upload new accounts

account setup

Our new bulk upload capability allows administrators to effortlessly import multiple user credentials from a CSV file. Simply map the required fields and your accounts will be instantly provisioned within Daito.
By leveraging the bulk upload feature, transitioning to centralized authentication management with Daito. takes just minutes.

March 11, 2024

The launch of Single-sign-on


We're delighted to introduce a highly anticipated feature - SAML single sign-on that is now available within the Daito platform. Launched in March 2024, SAML SSO integration streamlines user authentication and login processes by enabling users to sign into Daito using their existing identities and credentials.

Admins can set up SAML in just a few steps. Simply log in, navigate to Settings > SAML SSO, and follow our easy setup guide in the documentation section.

February 20, 2024

Sup-processor update: Hubspot


In February, Daito added Hubspot as a subprocessor to provide enhanced CRM, marketing and customer support capabilities. Hubspot will enable Daito to deliver a more personalized experience for users through features such as contact management, marketing automation and ticketing. This will help streamline processes like lead marketing, communication and support request handling. With Hubspot in place, Daito can better track and improve interactions with clients throughout their journey.

February 14, 2024

New Daito Website


The redesigned Daito website launched in February 2024 with an improved experience for users. It showcases the passwordless authentication solution while highlighting key industries served such as marketing agencies, MSPs, and E-commerce. In addition, the site now provides more in-depth information about how Daito addresses common security and compliance needs.

A new "Resources" and "Docs" section is coming soon, which will be full of documentation, guides, and articles about Daito's solution and best practices in digital security. These enhancements to content and resources cement Daito's position as the leading provider of shared authentication done securely and compliantly.