Give multiple technicians and client end users secure access to shared accounts

For any managed service provider and managed IT services, security cannot take engineers away from priority customer issues. As teams seamlessly support diverse networks, systems, and platforms worldwide, efficient access is business-critical.

Daito Authenticator streamlines authentication across the varied tools and environments powering your managed services. With our shared authenticator solution, staff and vendors easily log in to all customer systems through the trusted two-factor verification they rely on daily. Whether onboarding new technicians or escalating issues to external experts, provisioning secure access is fast and without friction.

As an MSP, your engineers need fast access to customer systems to solve issues quickly. With Daito, they can easily log in to all tools with one web-based authenticator. You still keep security with detailed logs of who accessed what. And it's easy to add more team members - the system grows with your business.

Don't rely on password managers or documentation tools to store TOTPs if you want to truly increase security for shared credential access.

While storing TOTP codes and documentation (Hudu or ITGlue) is a common workaround for shared login access, it presents significant security risks that growing MSPs can no longer accept.

Daito provides a better solution through centralized credential management and controlled shared access. MSP technicians can seamlessly obtain one-time login codes on demand through a secure portal, without exposing persistent credentials.

Shared 2FA for MSPs

Essential Security Features for Your Team

  • Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with teammates and partners with no extra steps or IT support needed.

  • Access authentication from any web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

  • Add an isolated layer of protection by handling 2FA separately from password managers.

  • Ensure compliance from the start with data hosted in ISO 27001 certified centers located in Germany.

  • Audit log search, export and retention up to 90 days

Essential Security Features for Your Team