Why we are building Daito?

Account sharing is a very common practice, especially in collaborative work environments. Many companies utilize shared access to team members, clients or partners to help reduce costs associated with expensive SaaS subscriptions.

Technology companies allow multiple members to use shared workplace tools, agencies need to share client accounts across team members/freelancers, and IT providers require access to support client networks for multiple technicians. However, traditional methods expose significant security and compliance risks.

Our founder Jan Sroka has over a decade of experience in IT security, auditing and startups. Through his work, he saw firsthand the security vulnerabilities created by inefficient workarounds for shared access. He also recognized how this hampered productivity and collaboration. With certifications like CISA, CISM and CISSP, Jan understood the urgent need for a purpose-built solution that streamlined secure access sharing across use cases.

This is what motivated us to build Daito - to simplify this widespread practice while eliminating the security and compliance issues of traditional workarounds.

We are a small team of entrepreneurs, developers and marketers based In Germany, the UK and Turkey.

Want to say hi? Email us at support@daito.io.

Our Values


We prioritize security above all else. Daito was designed from the ground up to eliminate the vulnerabilities posed by traditional account-sharing.


Simplifying authentication frictionlessly supports collaboration and workflows. Users can seamlessly obtain one-time tokens to carry out tasks.


Centralized management provides auditable tracking to satisfy internal policies and external regulations so you can simply meet compliance requirements.