Maximize team productivity and security with Daito's shared 2FA authenticator

As a modern marketing agency, your tools and services are only as strong as your security. Whether you've got social media and ad accounts, SEO tools, website builders, or CRM systems, keeping access centralised and protected is crucial. That's why agencies of all sizes rely on Daito Authenticator to securely share 2FA tokens across internal teams, freelancers, and partners.

Our shared 2FA solution streamlines authentication for the diverse set of platforms marketing professionals depend on each day. Whether collaborating in the office or remotely, your staff and partners can seamlessly access client accounts through our compliant 2FA two-factor authentication.

Say goodbye to expensive company phones solely for 2FA. With Daito, your digital marketing ecosystems stay safely under your control through role-based access and detailed event logs. Let us show you how to take the friction out of login while boosting security, so your agency can focus its energy on growth, not guarding gateways.

Shared 2FA for Marketing Teams

Essential Security Features for Your Team

  • Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with teammates and partners with no extra steps or IT support needed.

  • Access authentication from any web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

  • Add an isolated layer of protection by handling 2FA separately from password managers.

  • Ensure compliance from the start with data hosted in ISO 27001 certified centers located in Germany.

Essential Security Features for Your Team