Streamline access for seamless collaboration

For any fast-paced development shop, security cannot impede the fluid collaboration and rapid iteration that drive success. As engineers seamlessly switch between client projects, code repos, staging environments, and more, efficient access is paramount.

Daito streamlines authentication across the diverse tools and accounts powering your development work. With our shared authenticator solution, teams can easily log in to all platforms through the familiar two-factor verification they already rely on. Whether onboarding new hires or engaging outside contractors, provisioning secure access is simplified without complexity. Say goodbye to help desk headaches and expensive company phones solely for 2FA.

Developers stay in the flow without tedious logins bogging them down. Detailed audit logs provide full visibility without compromising the agility your teams demand. Consolidate authentication management into one hub that scales as your client base and projects surge. Let Daito help maximise productivity so great ideas ship faster through streamlined, secure access.

Shared 2FA for Dev Teams

Essential Security Features for Your Team

  • Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with teammates and partners with no extra steps or IT support needed.

  • Access authentication from any web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

  • Add an isolated layer of protection by handling 2FA separately from password managers.

  • Ensure compliance from the start with data hosted in ISO 27001 certified centers located in Germany.

Essential Security Features for Your Team