Secure collaboration enabled

Daito's shared 2FA authenticator has been adopted by over 100 leading businesses across various industries. Through seamless implementation and intuitive design, Daito has helped organizations of all types—from marketing agencies to MSPs- share 2FA with their teams, partners and clients.

Marketing Agencies

Agencies with shared client accounts need strong security that doesn't slow campaigns.

Dev Agencies

Developers require efficient access across projects without IT roadblocks slowing development.


Remote monitoring demands shared credentials, but security can't be an afterthought.

Media Businesses

Production teams share media assets and accounts securely with Daito protecting accounts.

Tech Companies

New companies need scalable security without slowing rapid iterations or onboarding.


Sales, marketing and inventory management logins require effortless yet robust access control.

Trusted by +100 Entreprises

"Daito has enabled my team to securely and effortlessly share all of our 2FA secrets for less than the cost of a single mailbox. This is of incredible value to us on a daily basis. Additionally, whether you are giving feedback about the service or are requesting any kind of support they are super responsive and listen."

Danny Turner
Head of IT Operations @Bridgemaker GmbH