Enable secure sharing of work accounts across teams and partners at a global scale

For any innovative tech company, maximising productivity with minimal resources is key to achieving success. As a lean founding team launches groundbreaking products and builds towards tomorrow, streamlining workflows wherever possible is critical.

Daito was designed specifically for technology companies like yours. Through our shared 2FA solution, your engineers, marketers, and executives can easily access all core accounts and tools with a single trusted authenticator. Whether collaborating on codebases, designing marketing campaigns, or analysing user behaviour, sharing authenticated access simplifies operations without slowing momentum. Eliminate the help desk costs associated with sharing 2FA tokens. Engineers stay focused on building game-changing features without hurdles to their dashboards and databases.

With Daito, consolidate authentication management into one scalable hub that grows alongside your booming user base and valuation. Let our cost-effective, frictionless solution maximise your founding team's productivity so you can disrupt industries on your terms. Time and capital are precious at a startup - boost both with Daito's secure authentication platform.

Shared 2FA for Startups

Essential Security Features for Your Team

  • Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with teammates and partners with no extra steps or IT support needed.

  • Access authentication from any web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

  • Add an isolated layer of protection by handling 2FA separately from password managers.

  • Ensure compliance from the start with data hosted in ISO 27001 certified centers located in Germany.

Essential Security Features for Your Team