Learn how to configure a new custom SAML connection. Use this if you are not using Google Workspace or Azure AD or need to otherwise divert from our recommended setup paths.


Each SSO identity provider requires specific information to create and configure a new connection. This required information will often differ by identity provider.

To create a custom SAML connection, you’ll need the identity provider (IdP) metadata URL that is available from the organization's SAML instance.

What Daito provides

Daito provides you with:

  • the ACS URL (provided by Daito)

  • a SP Entity ID (provided by Datio),

  • ability to manually provide a SSO URL

  • ability to manually provide a certificate

  • ability to manually provide a SHA-256 fingerprint

They are readily available in your Daito SAML settings.

Daito custom saml settings

Daito custom saml settingsThe ACS URL is the location an Identity Provider redirects its authentication response to.

The SP Entity ID is what is used to globally represent Daito towards your identity provider.

What you’ll need

In order to integrate you’ll either need

  • the IdP Metadata URL, or

  • the IdP Metadata XML file, or

  • you need to provide a SSO URL, the certificate used for SAML and the SHA-256 fingerprint.

This information is usually provided by the organization's IT team when they set up your application’s SAML 2.0 configuration in their Identity Provider admin dashboard.

Please reach out to support if you want to connect an usually IdP to Daito.