Bulk import new accounts

Go to the accounts tab from the left menu to see the list of current accounts or add new ones.

Click the New Accounts button on the right top of your accounts tab to get access to four different methods of adding new accounts:

  • Add seed code

  • Scan QR code

  • Upload QR code

  • Bulk import

How to Bulk Import

On the bulk import tab, use this template to build a CSV file with your 2FA keys and required data.

To import your account correctly;

  • Please do not add more than 100 rows to the CSV file.

  • Please make sure that the users and groups already exist before importing accounts.

  • Group names can be left empty in the CSV, but no other fields.

When your file is ready, drag and drop or select a CSV file.

After uploading you'll be presented with a preview of the import for a final check.

Daito 2FA bulk upload