Looking for a Keeper Authenticator alternative?

Daito is the #1 Keeper Authenticator alternative for your business with features including shared access, SMS, SSO, audit logs and more...

Daito 2FA Dashboard

Why you should switch to Daito?

Daito is a secure and easy way to manage 2FA for your all work accounts.

Import all your account

Importing your 2FA accounts to Daito is simple. You can bulk upload all your accounts in a few steps.

Invite all your team

Invite all your team and manage access levels from one place with up to 90 days of audit logs.

Entreprise ready

Daito is built for business use only with enterprise features including SSO, SMS, backup, logs and Slack integration (coming soon).

Trusted by +100 Enterprises

"Daito has enabled my team to securely and effortlessly share all of our 2FA secrets for less than the cost of a single mailbox." - Danny Turner, Head of IT Operations @Bridgemaker GmbH

Daito vs. Keeper 2FA Authenticator

While Keeper combines password storage and 2FA authentication, some see risks in this approach if compromised. It's best practice to separate credentials from one-time codes.

How does Keeper's integrated 2FA solution compare to a standalone authenticator?

Keeper allows users to conveniently store passwords and 2FA codes within the password vault. However, bundling these security components could pose risks if the vault is compromised. An attacker would gain access to both credentials and bypass 2FA in one go.

Daito takes a more segmented approach by functioning solely as a multi-factor authenticator without direct access to stored passwords. This separation of credential types follows better security practices.

What are the pros and cons of Keeper's 2FA?

Potential benefits include one-app management and syncing credentials across devices. However, the key drawback is that it violates the principle of independent authentication factors. A single breach exposes full identity access.

Is it easy to switch from Keeper 2FA to Daito?

Yes, transitioning two-factor authentication from Keeper to Daito is a simple process without disrupting the ability to log in to accounts.

The steps include 1- Install the Daito authenticator app on all devices currently using Keeper. 2- Access the Keeper vault and export/copy any records containing 2FA secrets. 3- In Daito, import the accounts by manually entering the secrets or scanning QR codes. 4- After accounts are added to Daito, disable 2FA in Keeper following the settings for each site.

Daito will now generate 2FA codes separately from the Keeper vault.