A Safer Approach to Shared Accounts

Account sharing is a common practice in workplaces, with employees typically distributing credentials for 11 different services, according to a Carnegie Mellon study. The primary motivator of this strategy is collaboration, but combining multiple user licences, also helps businesses cut costs on pricey SaaS subscriptions.

However, there are significant security and privacy risks associated with practices like sharing unsecured spreadsheets or writing passwords on whiteboards. Problems include the incapacity to control individual activity history or permissions, concurrent access conflicts, and a lack of accountability not to mention the high price of data breaches down the road when credentials are unavoidably compromised.

According to Google’s research with New York University and the University of California, San Diego, in a year-long study analysing real hijacking attacks. They found that simply adding a recovery phone number provided strong protection, blocking 100% of bots, 99% of bulk phishing, and around two-thirds of targeted spear phishing attempts.

Google's findings demonstrate how basic account hygiene practices like adding a phone recovery number, or 2FA, can significantly improve security with minimal effort. It serves as an effective baseline defence against the constant onslaught of hijacking threats facing users online.

Google 2FA DataCredit: Google

This is why we founded Daito. Our CEO and co-founder, Jan Sroka, has extensive IT governance and audit experience from Deloitte with certifications like CISA, CISM and CISSP. Through his work, Jan recognised the urgent need for a solution that enables safe and productive access sharing.

Daito's web-based 2FA authenticator generates one-time tokens to distribute access without disclosing underlying credentials. Teams can securely collaborate from any device while avoiding the compliance headaches of traditional token sharing. Admins gain full visibility and control over user activity with detailed logging and reporting tools.

By handling authentication centrally, Daito eliminates the productivity drag and security vulnerabilities that come with traditional account sharing. Businesses can maximise valuable SaaS cost reductions while maintaining the strongest access controls and oversight.

Isn't it time your organisation moved beyond fragile workarounds to a purpose-built system for secure and scalable passwordless collaboration? Start your free trial with us to learn how Daito creates the right balance between protection and productivity.

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