For any small or medium-sized business, efficiency and security must go hand in hand, despite limited IT resources. As an SMB, your employees juggle diverse duties like customer support, vendor management, logistics, and more. With remote workforces, external partners, and seasonal staffers, streamlined yet protected access is crucial.

Daito Authenticator was designed with SMB needs in mind. Through our affordable shared authenticator solution, staff can easily log into all systems and software vital to operations with a single trusted platform. Whether onboarding freelancers, collaborating with suppliers abroad, or overseeing payroll internally, sharing access is simplified without comprising controls.

Employees stay focused on core responsibilities without barriers to the tools powering their success. Detailed event logs provide full oversight of account activity at your fingertips. Leverage enterprise-grade security affordably with pricing tailored for growing SMBs. Let Daito boost productivity and protect sensitive data so you can focus on taking your business to new heights through seamless yet secure authentication.

Shared 2FA for SMBs

Essential Security Features for Your Team

  • Easily and securely share 2FA tokens with teammates and partners with no extra steps or IT support needed.

  • Access authentication from any web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

  • Add an isolated layer of protection by handling 2FA separately from password managers.

  • Ensure compliance from the start with data hosted in ISO 27001 certified centers located in Germany.

Essential Security Features for Your Team