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Get a real phone number and receive 2FA tokens via SMS directly in Daito.
No phone needed.

2FA via SMS - List

How does it work?

We will provide you with a real phone number

We assign you a real mobile phone number. This is a fully functional phone number (not VOIP) hosted by us.

Use this number for any service

This number works with any service that sends 2FA tokens via SMS, such as
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google GMail & Google Workspace
  • Facebook & Facebook Business
  • Apple iCloud
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon

Shared SMS Inbox

All users in your organization will be able to access incoming 2FA tokens through your shared SMS inbox.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price per phone number?
The price during the preview phase is $50/month per number. You will also need to have an active subscription in the "Startup" plan (or higher) and the minimum contract length for a phone number is 6 months.
Do I need to buy any hardware? Do I need to have a phone?
Neither. We will provide you with a mobile number of a SIM card that is hosted by us. As soon as a text message arrives for this number you will see it in Daito and get an email notification.
What is the country of the number?
We are currently using mobile phone numbers from Germany and plan to expand to other countries soon.
Will I get a real phone number or a VOIP number?
The number that we provide you with is a real phone number connected to a physical SIM card which is hosted by us.
Will my number work with every service?
We've tested these numbers with a large number of commonly used services such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and did not encounter any issues. Please contact us if you have concerns about a specific service.
Sounds great, how do I get started?
Awesome! Simply click the "Start free trial" button above to sign up for Daito, then send us an email to request your personal phone number.

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